Tube Connector Nuts

TUI095 Tube Connector Nuts
TUI095 Tube Connector Nuts
Tube Connector Nuts
Tube Connector Nuts


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Tube Connector Nuts

The Tube Connector Nut, also known as a Star Fangled Nut, is an innovative method for creating a threaded hole in tubes. It eliminates the need for other more costly methods such as welding or flow drilling. This allows the attachment of a wide range of threaded rod components to tubes.

The Connector Nut is simply pushed into the tube (direction shown below) where it provides a threaded anchor for the mating component.

• Innovative
• Cost saving
• Fits round tubes

D = Outer diameter of tube.
D1 = Approximate inner tube diameter

Materials - Austempered Carbon Steel (Retainer), Mild Steel (Thread)

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

Dimension guide

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Tube Connector Nuts dimension guide


Code Description Thread D D1
TUI092 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M6 15.9 13.9 Request sample
TUI093 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M6 19.0 17.0 Request sample
TUI094 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M6 22.2 20.2 Request sample
TUI095 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M6 25.4 23.4 Request sample
TUI096 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M8 25.4 23.4 Request sample
TUI097 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M8 31.8 29.8 Request sample
TUI098 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M8 38.0 36.0 Request sample
TUI099 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M10 38.0 36.0 Request sample
TUI100 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M10 50.0 48.0 Request sample
TUI113 Tube Connector 6-Leaf M8 50.0 48.0 Request sample

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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