Accuride 0115 RC Stainless Steel Linear Track from JET PRESS

Accuride 0115 RC Stainless Steel Linear Track is designed for applications involving any length of travel and with space constraints. The stainless steel track and system are well suited to catering equipment and clean room environments. Ideal for use with stainless steel cabinets or substrates, where mixing steel types could decrease the integrity of the material.

  • Load rating up to 30kg (80,000 metres)
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Soft-closing mechanism available (DP0115-ECRC)


  • We recommend that customers test this product to their specific requirements
  • Fix the track as recommended on a rigid and level surface
  • Care must be taken while sliding the carriage into the track†
  • Can be used upright as a non-load bearing guide
  • For vertical and horizontal (flat) mounting
  • Distribute weight evenly across carriage(s)
  • Not recommended for high torque applications
  • Carriages sold separately, available with stainless steel balls or polymer balls
  • End stops sold separately

Material - Stainless Steel

W = Weight per item (kg)

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DescriptionPart NrW
DS0115-0120RC - 1.2m Track x 1SBB7290.63
DS0115CASSRC - Carriage (s/steel balls) x 1SBB6400.12
DP0115-CASSRC - Carriage (polymer balls) x 1SBB6410.09
DS0115-STOPRC - End stops (1 stop + 2 screws)SBA053-
DP0115-ECRC-2 - Soft-close MechanismSBA0490.12

All dimensions are mm unless specified.