Teconnex Slip Joint, V Band Clamp, Flange Assembly from JET PRESS
The Teconnex Slip Joint Assembly was originally designed to solve connection problems in high-temperature gas exhaust systems. Slip Joints can operate in gas temperatures of up to 750°C and are normally used in lower pressure applications.

The Slip Joint Assembly consists of three parts - sliding catch flange (slip flare), V band clamp (see 'other products' below), and trapezoidal seal. In addition, the system requires for the unflared pipe to be free-running within the flared mating pipe, allowing assembly of the joint to take place prior to final positioning of the joint (see assembly sequence).

The Slip Joint is an easy-to-fit, all-in-one assembly that does not require welded flanges or additional gaskets. The joint assembly is quickly and easily achieved by slipping the seal and slip joint over the unflared pipe and pushed against the pre-formed flare of the mating pipe. The joint is finally achieved by placing the v band clamp over the assembly and torqueing to the required pressure by means of the clamping bolt and nut assembly.

Once installed, the Slip Joint Assembly can accept some small axial and radial misalignment of the mating pipes.

The utilisation of slip joint technology can show a cost saving of up to 30% when compared to traditional bolted flange solutions.

Typical applications include exhaust system assemblies, power generation, automotive, off highway, marine, locomotive.

Please contact us if your slip joint requirements fall outside our standard range. Clamps can also be designed to suit your specific application.

Material - 304 Stainless Steel

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DescriptionPart NrD
Slip Joint AssemblySLJ00163.5 (2½")
 SLJ00276.2 (3")
 SLJ003101.6 (4")
 SLJ004127.0 (5")

All dimensions are mm unless specified.