R-Lok, Plastic Rivet Panel Fasteners and Tools from JET PRESS

R-Loks and Rivets for trims, panels or upholstery

Plastic drive rivet fasteners operate by pushing the stem of the fastener through a hole in a panel or other surface. The rivet is then secured by pushing or screwing the pin through the centre of the rivet causing the sides to expand. One advantage of this type of fastener is that it can be fitted blind from one side of the panel. They generally offer a more secure fixing than a fir tree or w-button fastener.

An alternative method of fixing offered by some products in this range is by a two part assembly that snaps or ratchets together. Many of our designs are easily removable and reusable.

Typically, plastic panel fasteners are used in light duty applications in the automotive, industrial and furniture industries. These products have been widely used for attaching or joining two panels together, securing trims and upholstery to steel or wood panels, and fixing signs or other lightweight objects.

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Plastic Button Rivets

Plastic Button Rivets are blind rivets that securely join two or more thicknesses of material. Once installed, they have an exceptionally neat appearance, are non-conducting and will not corrode or tarnish.

These rivets can be removed and re-used if required.

Typical applications for button rivets include motor  [....]

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Expansion Plastic Rivet

These one-piece Expansion Rivets can be used for fitting components, or securing plastic or metal panels and are ideal in situations where the work area is only accessible from one side. The Rivet expands in the hole as the drive pin is pushed inwards, locking the assembly firmly into place. These fasteners are best fitted usin  [....]

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Expansion Drive Rivet Tools

These Insertion Tools have been designed to quicken and simplify the assembly of our range of Expansion Plastic Rivets. Manufactured from tough, lightweight plastic, they have an ergonomically designed plunger head and easy- grip handle, both features helping to reduce operator fatigue.

In application, the rivet is lo  [....]

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Mini Rivets

Mini Rivets are light-duty two-piece fasteners consisting of a male and female component which are pushed together for quick and easy fitting. They are ideal for applications such as securing signs and panels, in both rigid and compressible materials.

Typical applications include colour swatches, display folders, pa  [....]

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Self-Piercing Snap Rivets

These Self-Piercing Snap Rivets are ideal for applications where textiles, thin card or paper need to be secured such as colour swatches. The sharp point of the male stud aids the self-piercing of the materials to be fastened. Simply push the male stud through the items to be fixed, fit the female collar and then snap-off the sh  [....]

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Plastic Rivets - Removable Push Type

These removable push rivets provide a reusable solution when fixing panels or components together. Quick and easy to install for all applications, the closed-nose design option of these plastic rivets provides further help with alignment when the application is blind. Strong, robust and vibration resistant, these Push Rivets wi  [....]

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Plastic Rivets - Ratchet Type

Ratchet Type Rivets are unique fasteners consisting of two identical parts. During assembly, these two parts are simply pushed together forming a secure and tamper proof fixing, typically of two panels. The finished head gives a good cosmetic appearance and can be used on both rigid and compressible materials.

We als  [....]

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Plastic Rivets Extender Piece

This Ratchet Rivet Extender Piece is used with the standard ratchet rivets to span larger panel ranges. It extends the panel range of the chosen ratchet rivet by 12mm.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, audio equipment and furniture.

Material - Nylon
Typical Colours - Black  [....]

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Releasable Drive Rivets - Push Release Pin

These Quick Release Rivets are ideal for applications where ease of assembly and quick access are required. The Push Release Pin Drive Rivet is placed into the panel and the expansion pin pushed down to secure in place. For quick release, the expansion pin is simply pushed down once more.

Typical applications inclu  [....]

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Releasable Drive Rivets - Quarter Turn

The Quarter Turn Drive Rivet is a robust vibration-resistant fastening system that secures the application in place with a push-to-close action requiring only finger pressure. To release, requires just a quarter turn using a screwdriver. These Quick Release Rivets are ideal for wide ranging applications where ease of assembly a  [....]

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Scrivets - Flush Head Type

Flush head Scrivets provide a riveting system that is simple to use but has the added benefit of being removable. They are ideal for applications where maintenance or servicing is required by the removal of a panel secured by Scrivets.

Fitting is easily and quickly achieved by driving the integral screw into the body  [....]

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Scrivets - Raised Head Type

These raised head Scrivets are a simple but versatile removable riveting system, ideal for applications where maintenance or servicing is required. Fitting is achieved by driving the integral screw into the body, to remove simply unscrew with a screwdriver.

Typical applications for Scrivets include motor vehicles, do  [....]

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Plastic Snap Rivets

Snap Rivets are easy and quick to fit. They consist of a Male and Female component which simply snap together with finger pressure and provide a neat appearance on both sides of the assembly. These plastic rivets are ideal for applications such as securing signs and panels, in both rigid and flexible materials.

The pa  [....]

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Plastic Rivets - R-Loks

R-Loks, also known as pop rivets or blind rivets are non-corrosive, non-conducting plastic rivets which are designed for medium-duty fastening of a wide variety of materials, including soft rubbers, urethanes, padded fabrics and plastics. They provide a non-marking, enlarged bearing surface that draws panels together securely, w  [....]

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HN2 Lever Riveting Tool

Offering problem-free setting of larger diameter rivets, this heavy-duty durable tool is manufactured from high-grade aluminium and steel. The spent mandrel container is easily removed for emptying.

Supplied with nose pieces for 4.0, 4.8, 5.0, 6.0 and 6.4 diameter rivets, spent mandrel container and operating instruc  [....]

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NTS Hand Riveting Tool

With comfortable grips, die-cast aluminium housing and forged steel handles, the slim design of this tool allows access to areas where space is limited.

Supplied with nose pieces for 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, and 4.8 diameter rivets and operating instructions.

• Work capacity - up to 5mm Aluminium and 4mm Stainless Stee  [....]

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PH1 Pneumatic Riveting Tool

This hydro-pneumatic tool is designed for durability in the most ardous of production environments. The tool head adjusts through a full 360° to allow access to any workpiece, and the ergonomic design and quiet operation reduces operator fatigue.

Supplied with nose pieces for 2.4, 3.2 and 4.0 diameter rivets, spare j  [....]

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PH2 Pneumatic Riveting Tool

This heavy-duty pneumatic tool is designed for setting larger diameter rivets and offers durability in the most arduous of production environments. The tool head adjusts through a full 360° to enable access to any workpiece and the ergonomic design plus quiet operation reduces operator fatigue.

Supplied with nose piece  [....]

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SN2 Lazy Tong Riveting Tool

The 4-stage lever mechanism of this high quality tool reduces the effort required to set even the larger diameter rivets. The adjustable head allows you to set the tool to suit the actual rivet being used and achieve the maximum stroke possible. It has a comfortable handle and slim design which allows access to areas where spa  [....]

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Flipper Riveting Tool

Designed with a spring-loaded lever for one-handed operation, the Flipper has a long stroke for setting long rivets and a special mechanism to eject the spent mandrels. Die-cast aluminimum and high grade steel construction contribute to the outstanding durability of this compact and ergonomically designed tool.

Supplie  [....]

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Manual Insertion Tool

The INT002 is a single motion tool that sets the expansion rivet in one operation.

It is intended for low volume applications and will set all R-Lok diameter sizes from 4mm to 6.4mm.

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