Threaded Fasteners and Push-On Fasteners


U-Nuts for joining sheets of material together

U-Nuts, also known as Spire Nuts or Chimney Nuts, are used to fasten two or more components together and provide a tight and secure hold on the thread.Plastic U-Nuts are manufactured from nylon and do not scratch or damage the panel. They also have the added benefit of resisting shock and vibration along with being corrosion resistant. These are designed to be used with standard ISO metric thread and suit a range of panel thicknesses.
Self-Tapping U-Nuts feature a generous lead-in for easy assembly and require self-tapping screws for a fast fixing. For heavy-duty applications requiring a greater thread depth, Threaded U-Nuts provide a strong and reliable fixing. These feature an anti-vibration torque preventing the screw from loosening under vibration.

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