Weld Stud Caps

Weld Stud Caps
Weld Stud Caps
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Weld Stud Caps slide 2


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Weld Stud Caps

Weld Stud Caps are designed to simply push on to a standard 5mm weld stud, facilitating retention of products such as vehicle head linings or sound proofing material. The parts can be easily removed by unscrewing from the 5mm weld stud and many of these parts have a screwdriver slot in the head to aid disassembly.

Typical applications include vehicle head linings, sound proofing/insulation material.

Materials - Nylon

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Dimension guide

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Weld Stud Caps dimension guide


Code Description D1 D2 H L
CAP459 Weld Stud Cap 9.4 - 12.0 17.0 2.5 13.0 Request sample
CAP031 Weld Stud Cap 12.0 30.0 4.0 13.0 Request sample
CAP460 Weld Stud Cap 10.1 - 14.6 21.0 4.0 17.5 Request sample
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